Hospoda serves Central European specialties from Bohemia, Austria and Bavaria. Executive Chef Olda Sahajdak and Chef de Cuisine Marek Sada, both from Prague’s widely char-broil / big gas grill to buy acclaimed La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, craft the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients into deliciously inventive meals that unite both Old and New Worlds.

We are committed to creating enchantingly original cuisine, using only the highest quality seasonal ingredients, and pairing it with the most impeccably draughted beer in America.

Hospoda’s deliciously unique culinary experience is further distinguished by our unparalleled devotion to the craft and artistry of beer top outdoor electric grill.

Lukas Svoboda, who joins our restaurant from the Czech capital, is widely celebrated for the stellar quality of his beer.

Lukas was named the 2010 International Master Bartender of the Year, claiming victory over 4,000 bartenders from 17 countries competing for the title.

His mastery of age-old draughting techniques reveals the various and complex characteristics that can be elicited by taking the best care and drawing the finest beer in traditionally distinctive ways. The temperature of the beer, the tempering of the glasses, the purity of the brew, even the particularities of the tap itself – Lukas personally oversees them all.

Hospoda offers New Yorkers a unique culinary experience:Seasonal, farm-to-table Czech-inspired dishes paired with the purest and freshest Pilsner Urquell beer available in the United States served in a landmark Upper East Side dining room.

Hospoda is part of the Ambiente Group which was founded in 1995. The Ambiente Group now includes two successful brands, Ambiente and Lokal, and 12 restaurants, primarily most wanted and top rated grills online located in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. The Ambiente Group includes fine dining establishments, casual dining restaurants, stylish cafes and pubs.

Hospoda is a New American restaurant located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Set in a beautifully restored social hall built in 1897, “Hospoda” – meaning “pub” in Czech – gains inspiration from beer, seasonal ingredients, and a beautiful mix of different cultures.

Through flawless technique and purity of flavor, Chef Rene Stein’s multi-course menu pairs culinary refinement with the world’s most celebrated beers and wines.